A look on the bright side

Between inflation concerns, rate increases and Russia/Ukraine there is plenty of catalysts to be cautious of for the market. But there’s always two sides so I wanted to take a look at some of the positives we have seen in the market recently:

While some companies have been hit by earnings overall many have posted solid growth numbers, particularly for revenue. Supply chain concerns weighing down earnings are not likely to be long term drags.

There is still clear buying pressure and outside of certain key names most dips are being bought and the floor is not falling out.

While rising costs of good is clearly a concern, there has been real wage movement as we see workers gaining leverage as demand for them rises.

After mid terms we might actually get meaningful legislation passed which could boost the economy or at least provide more clarity on the political picture for the next 2 years.

These are some of the positive trends I see that can impact the market. I think the market has been taking earnings much more seriously but for those posting strong earnings I see real upward potential especially for second half of the year


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