A little worried about the future, what should I focus on?

Hi everyone, I am 23 and two years ago I started a little passive savings plan with my bank into Morgan Stanley Global Brands Fund C. I am really interested in investing but I have little knowledge. At the moment I am also trying to get my first “real” job after my education years where I had a part time job. The current situation of the world is not at the best (pandemic, war threat, job quit around the world, panic for a recession) but I am not too afraid, I understand that this is the market and you have to deal with stress and uncertainty constantly. Do you think I should worry less about the world and the performance of my investments, since I am young and there is time later? Should I concentrate more on getting on a good career path? I am asking this because I don't think I have enough energy to get a good career and also learn about stocks and also living my life and it is all too much to deal with.


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