A buyout is occurring at BCRX

A buyout is brewing at biocryst

Stop me if you’ve heard this line before “ such and such company is a prime buyout candidate”…this is normally the part where I leave the chat. No…nobody is swooping in and buying $SRNE for $100 share Karen. Stop it.

Such is life in biotech investing, everyone is hunting for that buyout and few rarely get it. Which is why I’ve never written a statement like this in my life but the current events are SO PAINFULLY obvious that it needs to be said. Somebody is buying biocryst pharmaceuticals. Like right now..likely the deal is already done. What we are witnessing currently is a very common event in bio techs where the figure being paid doesn’t match the current the value of the share price (because bio’s are shorted and manipulated to hell) so the buyer is running up the share price like nobodies business so that by the time the BO is announced nobody dings them to much on the valuation. Seriously…that’s happening right now. BCRX shares are running faster than Usian bolt. Inflation? green. Fed said something stupid? green. The entire market and especially bio tech is getting absolutely pummeled worse than Connor Mcregor in his last 2 fights? GREEN GREEN GREEN. Day after day after day bcrx has been achieving new high after new high and as of this current writing is sitting at the highest price the stock has been in the last 20 years during one of the most volatile stretches of market for absolutely NO KNOWN REASON. Nothing. It’s just doing it. That’s because it’s part of the plan. I just checked my ticker…it’s up even more as I am writing this.

The last 30 days have been extremely volatile. The Nasdaq (which bcrx trades on) is down 5%, the XBI which tracks bio tech as a whole, is flat. BCRX meanwhile is up 36% and continuing to climb. Every. Single. Day.

Now…this wouldn’t be weird if it was tied to something. Some crazy news…a new trial etc but absolutely nothing has occurred. BCRX has long been known as the most undervalued stock on wall street. In fact an article on reddit donned that name and it went viral making it’s way all the way to MSNBC and others. This is for very good reason…BCRX recently just finished it’s first year of sales of it’s blockbuster drug Orladeyo. For years the street undervalued the hell out of it and said it wouldn’t do more than 20m in it’s first year. What did they do? Not much…just the most successful small cap drug launch of the year…during a pandemic…for a very rare disease. Year 1 sales came in at 120m, expected to eclipse 250m this year and a newly set peak sales volume set at ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Pretty far off from 20 but ok.

Orladeyo alone should have the companies share price creeping around 35-40/share so even at the current $19 price there’s a ton of value still here. However…nothing even comes close to the insane, world changing, stupid money blockbuster BCRX has slowly been progressing and releasing absolutely gangbuster data on. I’m talking of course about bcrx 9930.

Listen, I’ve typed too much to geek out on 9930 so I’m just going to make this simple. Look up alexion..Alexion recently sold for 40B$ to AZ. Here’s the thing…Alexion essentially has 1 drug…seriously ONE DRUG FOR 40 BILION DOLLARS. Now, I’m being a little hyperbolic. They have a couple version of the same drug under different names and such but they essentially have one thing, a factor D inhibitor. It’s a good drug. Factor D inhibition has the ability to treat and cure a plethora of compliment mediated diseases. It was grossing 10’s of billions of dollars a year for them. The issue is it’s a painful injectable that needs to be administered by doctors and patients need to have regular transfusions at transfusion centers.

Ready for the kicker? BCRX has the same thing but…it’s a pill. Seriously a freaking pill and here’s the best part…..IT WORKS BETTER. Legitimately. No doubt about it better. The data has been absolutely staggering showing just how much better this one little pill treats all these patients over Alexion’s injectable. So much so that the FDA literally okayed them skipping a phase 2 trial and going right to their final pivotal study before filling for approval. That’s happening right now. At the end of this trial (roughly 26-52 weeks) they will be applying to bring this absolutely staggering blockbuster drug to the market and will instantly become one of the most powerful organizations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Unless someone buys them first….and they did. It’s done…Just look at the share price. For the record I am up nearly 500% on my biocryst investment. (If you don’t believe me I’ll post receipts) and I am not selling a single share. Why would I sell before a buyout?



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